Hokkien Martial Arts...is not your average white pajamas but something different...

Homogeneity breeds mediocrity! Break the mold and try something different. Some people are addicted to their comfort zones and tend to stick with people who are just like them and think exactly like they do. Folks who do this learn absolutely nothing. This is reminencent of the high school kids who belong in certain cliques and abide by unproductive mind numbing routines.

So such and such instructor is from Topeka. That's nice. Hokkien Martial Arts has instructors who have lived and studied martial arts in the Rockies, Midwest, Hawaii and both coasts. They are not from Topeka and have never attended high school in Topeka. Heck, they never even got their blackbelts in Topeka. One instructor was actually born overseas and has had the privilege of training in a different country. Thus a refreshing perspective is offered.

Hokkien Martial Arts of Topeka offers something different. Instructors teach because they enjoy it and not for the money. Yet, the instructors are committed to teaching what they believe is the best in street self-defense and personal protection.

Hokkien Martial Arts is not for everybody and specializes in getting people combat effective in an extremely short period of time. Students who chose to stay may eventually go on to get their blackbelts. For those who only stay a short period of time, no hard feelings! The instructors are glad you are better able to protect yourselves. Providing knowledge in self-defense is the primary goal. Read more philosophy.

Martial arts skills from are taught through two primary styles: Kajukenbo and the Filipino martial art of Modern Arnis. Students can specialize in either art or learn both as they perfectly compliment each other.

Modern Arnis puts more flow into Chinese Kempo. Flow is many things including the point where the body and whatever weapon it is using becomes one. Modern Arnis is often referred to as "the art within your art." This is more so for Chinese Kempo as many of its pioneers had experiences with various Filipino Martial Arts. Modern Arnis brings these influences back to full circle.

Two arts! Pick one or both!!

Unarmed self-defense, forms and basics come from Chinese Kempo Karate and Kajukenbo. Kajukenbo is derived from KA for Korean Karate, JU for Judo and Jujitsu, KEN for Kenpo, and Bo for Chinese and American Boxing. Our rank comes directly from Hawaii where Kajukenbo was founded in 1947. We also receive mentoring and support from Sensei John Petrone who happens to be the 2005 Budo International Self-Defense Instructor of the Year.

Modern Arnis
Our edged and impact weapons come from the Filipino martial art of Modern Arnis under the guidance of the founder's son, Dr. Remy Presas Jr. and the blade instructor of the 1st group Special Forces, Datu Kelly Worden. Numerous skilled martial artists come from the Modern Arnis lineage. Some are on the highly regarded top 11 list of the best knife combative instructors in the world (Tactical Knives, November 2003 issue.)

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